Top Run 1.0.1 Update

On February 5th, we’ve released a 1.0.1 update for Top Run. It’s mainly oriented at fixing bugs, we’ve also had to temporary disable cloud saving. Here’s the full list of fixes.

Android & iOS

  • Disabled cloud saving due some bugs which could erase some or even all of game progress. We will fix cloud saving and enable it again in later updates.
  • Minor fixes in Russian and German localizations.


  • Fixed an issue when achievements won’t save and will be unlocked every time you play the game and leaderboard scores won’t submit at all.


  • Fixed an issue when scores won’t submit for hardcore leaderboards.
  • Fixed some issues with item placements on iPads.

Please don’t uninstall the game at this time if you don’t want to lose your game progress. We will enable cloud saving in future updates. Your in-app purchases will restore even if you delete and reinstall the game.

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