Top Run Console/PC April 2020 Update

We’re releasing our first update to console/PC versions of Top Run! Here are release notes:

New Features

  • Added new world, Suburb, which unlocks at level 18
  • Added Hammer Time, an event when only Hammers would spawn for some time. Can only happen from level 9 and higher

Cross Platform Fixes (Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam)

  • Fixed an issue where no button was selected by default on Pixel Upgrades screen
  • Fixed an issue where trail won’t render when Kevin is on Hover Magnet
  • Fixed an issue where controls would stay disabled after resuming the game if it was paused at the very start of the run
  • Fixed an issue where imprecise score is displayed on the scoreboard
  • Fixed an issue with overflowing text on the scoreboard
  • Fixed an issue where cages with friends would sometimes fall on the side or float around
  • Fixed an issue where Lava Floor announcement text would block screen in German localization
  • Reduced bloom strength in menus

PS4 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some trophies won’t unlock after completing everything required for them

The update is already out for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam and will be available soon on PS4 (this pandemic slows everything down). We’ll keep you updated!

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