About Katata

Katata Games was formed on November 7th, 2017. At least, that’s when we’ve thought of the name and came up with the logo. We’ve actually started working on our first game 4 months before that. There are three of us: Lena and Mark Tityuk (we’re a family) and our CEO, Schintzel the Cat (he’s also family). What does “Katata” mean? To us, it means “cat”. To anyone else, we want it to mean “quality games”.

Here’s our little studio in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We fancily say studio, but it’s actually our home – our CEO says we have to cut costs, so we work where we live and live where we work.

We’re a small but productive studio, so in February 2019 we’ve released our first game, a 1980’s inspired action called Top Run. It’s a neat mobile runner game with a style greatly influenced by 80s, the best decade.

We’ve spent 2019 supporting and updating Top Run, but what now? We’ve already started work on our next game. We’ll keep details secret for now, but we promise we’ll show you something as soon as we can.

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