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Top Run Mobile 1.4.1 Update

Halloween update is back! Already out on Android; coming to iOS this week!

Android & iOS

  • Halloween update: themed city world and enemies.
  • Receive 2 skins for free (if you don’t have them already)!
  • Added support for ultra-long screens (with letterboxing)
  • Top Run can now run at 90 or 120 fps (or any other value, really)
  • Fixed a bug when Cybervaders score wouldn’t be saved
  • A ton of other under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes

Have an adopted animal? We have something for you!

We’ve had banners promoting dog adoption from the very beginning in Top Run. Today we’d like to expand on that and from now on we’ll be giving in-game Cybervaders arcade for free to anyone who’ll send us a photo of their adopted animal (not only dogs!)


In mobile version of Top Run, both Android and iOS. Cybervaders is already available to everyone in the console/PC version.

What do I need to do?

Not much!

  • Send us a photo of your adopted animal (dog, cat, cow, anyone!) on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Lena’s Instagram or just email it to us. We’d also appreciate a little backstory, but it’s absolutely not required.
  • Wait. We’ll get back to you with a code to Cybervaders!

Why do you do it?

Because why not? It may not boost animal adoption rates, but we’re glad to reward people who adopt animals in any way we can!

Top Run April 2020 Update

We’re releasing our first update to console/PC versions of Top Run! Here are release notes:

New Features

  • Added new world, Suburb, which unlocks at level 18
  • Added Hammer Time, an event when only Hammers would spawn for some time. Can only happen from level 9 and higher

Cross Platform Fixes (Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam)

  • Fixed an issue where no button was selected by default on Pixel Upgrades screen
  • Fixed an issue where trail won’t render when Kevin is on Hover Magnet
  • Fixed an issue where controls would stay disabled after resuming the game if it was paused at the very start of the run
  • Fixed an issue where imprecise score is displayed on the scoreboard
  • Fixed an issue with overflowing text on the scoreboard
  • Fixed an issue where cages with friends would sometimes fall on the side or float around
  • Fixed an issue where Lava Floor announcement text would block screen in German localization
  • Reduced bloom strength in menus

PS4 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some trophies won’t unlock after completing everything required for them

The update is already out for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam and will be available soon on PS4 (this pandemic slows everything down). We’ll keep you updated!

Top Run Mobile 1.4.0 Update

In this update we mostly bring some features from console/PC version to mobile and fix bugs.

Android & iOS

  • New intro cutscene
  • Subtitles are now localized
  • Lots of bug fixes


  • The game now utilizes the whole screen space on screens with cutouts
  • Dropped support for Android versions lower than 5.1


  • Fixed an issue when a game would crash on attempt to share a screenshot

Top Run is now available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and Steam

After months of hard work we’re happy to announce that Top Run is finally out for all major platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam!

It all became possible thanks to our amazing publishers – Fantastico Studio. It’s a joy to work with them!

Since Top Run is now available on a bunch of new platforms, we’ll continue supporting it, so get ready for some new content!

Update on

Hi! We’ve abandoned our website for a while, you might have noticed that it hasn’t been updated since February.

It’s not because we’re not into game development anymore, quite the opposite. We’ve been so busy updating Top Run and pursuing other ideas that we just had to no time to update our site.

It’s not how we want to keep it, so we’ve updated our news feed with all updated which have happened since February and we’ll start writing new blog posts soon.

We’ve also updated the design a bit to keep it up to date.

Finally, we are working on a new game right now and we plan to update you with our progress here, in our blog.

Thank you for following us!

Top Run 1.3.1 Update


  • Fixed bugs in tutorial and vaporwave level which made the game unplayable


  • Celebrate Halloween with Top Run: Halloween Edition! Shoot vampires, witches and monsters!
  • 2 halloween-themed skins are now free for a limited time!
  • New Top Run logo :0
  • Tons and tons of improvements, optimizations and bug fixes