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Top Run 1.1.2 Update

Android & iOS

  • Let us introduce to you Mr. Schnitzel – CEO of Katata Games! Find him in Buddy skins, free and unlocked for everyone!
  • Button controls are now much more responsive
  • Fixed cloud save game loading bugs
  • Updated Unity version
  • Other minor bug fixes

Top Run 1.1.0 Update

Android & iOS

  • All-new vaporwave-style world for you to die on!
  • Unlocks on level 8, might be already unlocked for you!
  • Ciao ragazzi! Italian localization by Andrea Demetrio!
  • Lots of visual improvements
  • Even more bug fixes
  • Minor UI changes

Top Run 1.0.4 Update

We haven’t been posting for a while, but now we’ll retrospectively post all update announcements. We’re back on track!

Android & iOS

  • 3 new skins!
  • In-game notifications for available upgrades now work correctly
  • Optimized saving system, purchasing
  • Fixed game-breaking bug with missions
  • Gacha won’t steal your pixels anymore when you have all skins
  • Fixed lifetime score overflow in stats
  • Fixed incorrect text in some objectives
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Top Run 1.0.3 Update

Today we’ve released a 1.0.3 update for Top Run. Hot news: we’ve brought cloud saving back! Here’s the full list of changes:

Android & iOS

  • Cloud saving is back! On Android, be sure to sign in with your Play Games account.
  • Optimized save system to avoid progress resets
  • Fixed a few bugs, including game-breaking (also fixed a bug where button to activate friend won’t appear if you start with a friend as a cheat)


  • Optimized the game for tablets with 16:10 screens


  • Fixed a bug where UI was invisible on 2013 and some 2014 iOS devices, rendering the game impossible to play