Privacy Policy

Effective date: January 19, 2019
Revision: 5
Latest revision: September 9, 2020

This privacy policy applies to our website, Looking for privacy policy for Top Run? It’s here!

The only data that we store on your computer as cookies is whether you’ve accepted usage of cookies or not yet. We need this because we use some third party services which can collect usage data and store cookies on your computer.

We use Google Analytics, which can collect usage data and store cookies (information) on your computer. We have disabled demographics and interests data collection in our Google Analytics, so we don’t collect that information on our visitors. What we care about is the overall number of visitors and pages they visit.

We have a contact form on our website, which does require you to fill in your full name and email address. While you can use a fake name, we still need your real email address so that we can respond to you. We do not use your email address in any way other than to respond to you and we will never send you any unwanted messages or sell your email to anyone else.

We have some embedded content on our website, such as YouTube videos. Doing so does allow YouTube to store cookies (information) on your computer and collect your usage data. We use YouTube as an example, but we can embed content from other websites, such as, but not limited to, Twitter, Facebook, etc. We only use embedded content to display you media, like videos and game trailers.

We do not store any data about you on our servers.